Sacramento School district removes Air Purifiers due to safety concerns

“SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento City Unified School District has spent millions of dollars on air purifiers that have now been removed from classrooms for safety testing.

Sacramento City Teachers Association President David Fischer said the association raised concerns over the $6 million spent on the air purifiers meant to make schools safer for reopening. The association was skeptical about just how safe the devices were.”

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Our buildings are making us sick

“For years, Alan, a designer in Vermont, had a persistent, hacking cough that kept him up at night, and every winter, a near-constant series of sore throats and colds. He visited his doctor’s office, got diagnosed with reflux, and took reams of antibiotics for suspected sinus infections. But the cough always came back, so intransigent it permanently hoarsened his voice.”

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How Our Buildings Are Making Us Sick

“As a culture, Americans spend 90 percent of our time indoors, and in the majority of cases the air quality inside is far worse than it is outside. The largely terrible indoor air quality is attributed to the offgassing of chemicals from various building materials–paint, carpet, countertops, dry wall, you name it and chances are it’s got some sort of toxic ingredient. The thing is, in many cases those chemicals are mandated by either building codes or performance codes. Curtains need to be covered in flame retardant to prevent fire spread, for example, and certain other materials have chemicals added to them in order to make them more flexible, more rigid, or more rugged.”

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