Worship Centers

People of faith gather on appointed days and times sharing and caring for one another. These events are people from all walks of life in close proximity to others and it is the density of personal gatherings that causes IAQ to diminish. We all shed 10 million skin cells a day which can carry microscopic bacterial or viral particulates so small they are not subjected to gravitational pull.

As we exhale, we expel carbon dioxide, bacteria, and viral pathogens that we may unknowingly be carrying.  All of this potentially  infectious mass  floats in the air and can remain active for hours, traveling along even the slightest air current for distances far in excess  of the 6 feet safe space we’ve been told to live in. Call us to see how our replacement air filters can let people worship and sing praises as they gather.

Why RGS Distributors

Our acute awareness demands that we take a more serious approach to protect against contamination from fungal, bacterial and viral contaminants. To that end, it is our goal to provide you with the appropriate solutions to achieve maximum protection with minimum disruption to your environment.

We’re here to help. Call or write for more information on our Sanitizing and Sealing System.

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