Health Care Facilities

Facility Managers in health care must meet a higher standard as required by each jurisdiction, state or local. These standards are monitored and evaluated by government agencies and health care facilities are graded based on their performance to mitigate HBI, Hospital Borne Infections. Typically, health care facilities do a very good job with surface disinfection. Where many fall short is in their treatment of Airborne Infections.

Sanders Containment Filter are perfect for your business to protect your customers, students, and employees. We are able to help you provide submicron filtration to your indoor air – in almost any and all HVAC systems!

Our dual monitoring system can detect sub-micron particulates and tie directly into your control systems activating HVAC blower fans when particulate counts approach unsafe levels. Our High Efficiency air filters solve the problem.

Rated at a MERV 17, our filters remove 99.25% of all sub-micron particulates down to .1um in a single pass of air. With low impact on air flow, our HVAC replacement filters are easy to install and will work in almost any HVAC unit. See our section on Air Filters or call us for more information or to schedule on onsite demo.

A Call for Building Owners and Operators to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Protect Public Health

Our recomandation to improve IAQ is ThinkLite

The Four-Steps the EPA Recommends to Achieve Clean Air in Government Buildings

Step 1

CREATE AN ACTION PLAN FOR CLEAN INDOOR AIR IN YOUR BUILDING(S) that assesses IAQ, plans for upgrades and improvements, and includes HVAC inspections and maintenance.

The ThinkLite Flair Smart IAQ Monitor will assess your current indoor air quality baseline.

Step 2

OPTIMIZE FRESH AIR VENTILATION by bringing in and circulating clean outdoor air indoors.

The ThinkLite Flair integrates with your BMS to automate HVAC settings based on real-time data, creating optimal safety conditions with a smart, energy-efficient means of control.

Step 3

ENHANCE AIR FILTRATION AND CLEANING using the central HVAC system and in-room air cleaning devices.

Both the ThinkLite Purilux and ICON provide the highest level of air safety by eliminating the smallest particles (0.1-2.5 microns), which includes COVID, the flu and other viruses.

Purilux and ICON both use safely encapsulated ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to clean the air.

Step 4


The Flair Air Monitor continuously detects, analyzes, and reports key air quality metrics, tracking and sharing the data to:

  • a sophisticated dashboard system with 24-hour optics for building operators.
  • customizable kiosk views which can appear on publicly accessible screens onsite, or online.