Air Filtration

Sub-Micron Air Filters

The Sanders 125 Pro series is a brand new line of Sanders Filter Media!

Perfect for any home or business with an efficency of 99.25% on a single pass of air at .1 micron, our 125pro series provide superior filtration. The air permeability of >150 CFM will work on almost any HVAC system.

This is able to provide HEPA rated filtration with no retrofitting to your current HVAC system.


  • Purifies up to 400 sq. ft. per Purilux Vent.
  • Built in HEPA and carbon filters team up with a medical grade centrifugal fan.
  • Internal sanitizing UVC chamber coated with nanometer silver and titanium dioxide brings a 99.99% pathogen kill rate including COVID-19.
  • Highly efficient 2×2 LED fixture equipped with an elaborate FDA approved filtration process. Bacterial and viral pathogens are eliminated before the air is recirculated into your space