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Our cutting edge systems focus on improved Indoor Air Quality, the major factor in mitigating Airborne Diseases.

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Our Featured Products

Flair IAQ Monitor

Knowing what is in the air we are breathing is extremely important. The Flair Air Safety Monitor is solution that combines the best sensors and software platform to provide key air quality metrics that have health and wellness implications for you and your facility.

Sub-Micron Air Filters

Micro Air filters remove contaminates suspended in air systems like solid and liquid particles and oil aerosols with a filtration efficiency exceeding 99.99%.


Breathe Easy. See Clearly.

Highly efficient 2×2 LED fixture equipped with an elaborate FDA approved filtration process. Bacterial and viral pathogens are eliminated before the air is recirculated into your space

Our qualified staff can perform an on-site evaluation to determine the indoor air quality.

Advanced, High Tech solutions are needed to combat the spread of harmful pathogens.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically changed the need for protocols, products and processes to ensure we can live, work and play in a safe, healthy environment.

RGS Distributors provides a comprehensive component solution for the elimination and prevention of harmful indoor air and surface contaminants. The recent pandemic has brought an acute awareness of the need for sanitizing and disinfection protocols that most people never thought of.

Working with experts in the fields of chemistry, air filtration and application technologies, we can help you sort out what’s the most effective and efficient products and processes for your facility at the lowest net cost.

CDC, WHO, Experts now Confirm Airborne Transmission is the Primary Cause of the Spread of Disease

China faces a new Covid wave that could peak at 65 million cases a week

The country once had some of the harshest Covid restrictions on the planet, but the response from the government and the public is relatively muted this time. BEIJING — China is bracing...

Department of Education Issues ESSER Extensions for K-12 Schools

Supply chain, hiring issues provide challenges to states, school districts for spending funds.

Federal Facilities Up the Ante on Indoor Air Quality

Administration aims to establish 1,500 GSA facilities as examples of innovation, implementation and standards for indoor air quality.

Pandemic Bills Provide K-12 Schools with HVAC Upgrade Opportunities

"As part of the country’s pandemic recovery efforts, the government passed myriad funding bills aimed at not only helping keep small businesses afloat, but to help school districts with...

IAQ Concerns in Workplace Double for Employees

Buildings survey reveals that employees show great interesting in the air circulating through their buildings. Pre-pandemic, the phrase indoor air quality (IAQ) was an afterthought among...

Sacramento School district removes Air Purifiers due to safety concerns

“SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento City Unified School District has spent millions of dollars on air purifiers that have now been removed from classrooms for safety testing. Sacramento...

Our buildings are making us sick

“For years, Alan, a designer in Vermont, had a persistent, hacking cough that kept him up at night, and every winter, a near-constant series of sore throats and colds. He visited his...

How Our Buildings Are Making Us Sick

“As a culture, Americans spend 90 percent of our time indoors, and in the majority of cases the air quality inside is far worse than it is outside. The largely terrible indoor air quality...

Evidence for Community Cloth Face Masking to Limit the Spread of SARS-CoV-2: A Critical Review

“The use of cloth facemasks in community settings has become an accepted public policy response to decrease disease transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet evidence of facemask...

Why RGS Distributors

Our acute awareness demands that we take a more serious approach to protect against contamination from fungal, bacterial and viral contaminants. To that end, it is our goal to provide you with the appropriate solutions to achieve maximum protection with minimum disruption to your environment.

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